Our Pavers


Beaumont Gavel Paving has a fleet of 8 road base paving machines. Made in Germany, the ABG pavers are reliable and hard working.

ABG Titan 420 Gravel Pavers (x 4) & ABG Titan 511 Gravel Pavers (x 2)
The 420 model has a minimum of 4m to maximum of 12m width and can generally process 1,700 to 2,500 tonnes of material per day.

Quantities produced will vary depending on factors such as supply from quarry and site access.

ABG Titan 411 Gravel Pave
The 411 model has a minimum of 3.5m to maximum of 8m width and can generally process 1,500 to 2,000 tonnes of material per day.

ABG Titan 280 Gravel Paver
This is a smaller paver with a variable screed. Minimum of 3.2m to maximum 6m width and can process 1,500 to 1,700 tonnes per day.

This allows you to vary the width of pavement to a certain degree as you pave.

Weiler W530 Road Widener (Shoulder Paver)

Volvo Front End Loaders (x 2)

Also included in our fleet are 2 Volvo front end loaders used for loading the road base material into the pavers when the use of trucks with dog trailers becomes impractical or uneconomical.

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    The minimum depth of paving allowable   80mm compacted
    The maximum depth of paving allowable (using the 420 or 511 machine) 250mm compacted
    (using 280 machine) 200mm compacted

    All paving machines supplied by Beaumont Gravel Paving are capable of crowning the pavement layers from 0 – 3%.

    This allows for cambering of the road surface.

    420 & 511 paving machines Dual tamper action
    280 paving machine Single tamper action

    All have variable speed control which allows for different degrees of compaction.

    A smooth drum roller is still required to achieve total compaction.